Attacking Canadian diplomats would be an inexplicable assault on one of Cuba most important trading partners and the largest source of tourists to the island. Or Canadian diplomats,” said William LeoGrande, an American University expert on Cuban foreign policy. And Canadian diplomats said they had been targets of low level harassment and intimidation by Cuban agents in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, incidents that included attacks on diplomats pets and intimidating maneuvers like tailgating and flashing bright lights into diplomats cars as they drove with their families late at night..

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Speaking at his introductory press conference Monday, he likened the team and program to Lion King Pride Rock. Were great once, we can be great again. We are all Simba. Rhinos have been guaranteed second place in the table for more than two weeks and McGuire has been encouraged by the professional manner in which they have handled effectively meaningless games. He said: “That has been the good thing, the commitment has been good all year. Every time we’ve crossed that whitewash, whoever’s in the 17 has committed to the cause..

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Confinement is very much the theme of the week, as the three fictional features arriving in cinemas all concern entrapment and ways of escape. The two American pictures are somewhat generic, while the Turkish drama favours arthouse universality over cultural specificity. But it seems odd, with 51 other dates to choose from, that the distributors should opt to release their films on exactly the same day as such obvious competitors..

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