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cheap moncler Use Suiton > Trick Attack on CD. Use Fuma Shuriken every 20s as a filler while Trick is not up on single target and Katon/Doton in AoE situations. With the loss of the old Foe Requiem (Bard ability that increased magical vulnerability on enemies), Raiton as a filler ninjutsu is pretty much dead at this point except for a few rare occasions. Ignore Kyoton unless you pvp cheap moncler

moncler outlet jackets Use Dream within a Dream cheap moncler coats on CD and always line it up with Trick cheap moncler jackets Attack. With SB, it CD got reduced to 60s, same as Trick Attack. Use Jugulate on CD, unless you need to hold it in order to moncler outlet online silence something. Use Mug on CD, unless you at 50 Ninki gauge, in that case use a Ninki consuming skill first, then use Mug after. Use Duality with Aeolian Edge exclusively and on CD, hold it for TA if you going to use it soon. moncler outlet jackets

cheap moncler jackets sale this is the least set in stone since SB is so new, so I just giving info based on my own understandings and moncler outlet store observations, not having done in depth math on this. So yeah, this is still a huge grey area. Some input from my perspective: cheap moncler jackets sale

Bravacakra should be used in Trick Attack, if possible, this means if delaying it doesn mean losing out on a usage (depends on the length of a phase/fight). Otherwise treat it like a regular, powerful ogcd.

moncler jackets outlet Hellfrog moncler sale outlet Medium: use it cheap moncler outlet whenever you hit 80 Ninki and both of the other two skills are on CD. Prioritize it over Bravacakra in AoE situations (2 mobs? 3 ? no idea, since Hellfrog is magical dmg and Brava is unaspected, and the potency calculations on these work differently. Also Brava is affected by slashing and the physical dmg traits u/Dynme). moncler jackets outlet

moncler outlet store Ten Chi Jin: still a pretty open topic. Cheap Moncler What we know by now is that TCJ resets your Mudra timer on activation, and twice after that. moncler mens jackets This means you want to use a Ninjutsu shortly before activating it in order to basically get 4 consecutive Ninjutsu. Fuma > Katon > Doton is not only a huge bomb in AoE situations, but also theoretically the highest potency single cheap moncler target combination, however you need Doton to tick for almost it entire duration for a very small potency lead over Fuma > Raiton > Suiton, so it might not be worth it in most moncler outlet cases. The latter one also moncler sale set up Trick Attack without clipping, plus it better for usage during Trick Attack because of how the vulnerability affects Doton (it doesn snapshot) and the higher potency gain for Raiton. tldr on TCJ usage in my opinion: moncler outlet store

cheap moncler jackets Fuma > Katon > Doton if more than one target, this is pretty clear cut cheap moncler jackets

moncler jacket sale Fuma > Raiton > Suiton if you want to set up TA, if TCJ moncler outlet sale is used during TA, or on a moving target (this means 95% of the time). If it a steady target and neither of the other above conditions are met, cheap moncler sale use Fuma > Katon > Doton even on single targets for a very buy moncler jackets slight potency increase. moncler jacket sale

moncler factory outlet The opener I currently use is the following: moncler factory outlet

cheap moncler outlet Huton > Hide to reset Mudra CD > Suiton on pull > Spinning Edge (Jugulate) > Gust Slash (Kassatsu) > Shadow Fang (Mug) > Spinning Ede (Potion) > Gust Slash (Trick Attack) > Aeolian Edge (Fuma Shuriken) > Spinning Edge (Dream within a Dream) > Gust Slash (Duality) > Aeolian Edge (TCJ) > Fuma, Raiton (Trick Attack ends here), Suiton > and start with another Shadow Fang combo into your regular Rotation. cheap moncler outlet

moncler sale What I like about this opener is that it has good burst, get TCJ on CD early and also lines up the second TCJ so it perfectly sets up Trick Attack further down the rotation. Openers are fight specific and subject to change though, as well as this being kind of a first shot. I sure better/more potent openers or one with better ogcd alignment later on. Also not that you want to use a different opener (with Bravacakra i guess) if there an AoE phase coming monlcer down jackets up early in the fight, because you want to have TCJ up for that. This plus the fact that it not possible to hit Raiton under Huton without clipping your gcd makes it worse overall in most cases. moncler sale

cheap moncler coats The only scenario where Raiton was plain better was when Foe Requiem was up, but that gone with SB. This will reset your ninjutsu. Start the fight with Suiton. cheap moncler coats

Your first priority with your weaponskills will be getting shadowfang on the enemy. The only exception to this rule is if huton is in danger of falling off (

moncler outlet uk If shadowfang is up, and huton is below 40 seconds left, use armor crush combo. moncler outlet uk

moncler outlet sale If both of the previous conditions are met, use Aeolean Edge combo. moncler outlet sale

moncler sale outlet You no longer have b4b or internal release, so you will be playing around your trick attacks as a main burst of your rotation. If any damage skills are up just before you use trick attack, make to use as many as you can during the trick attack window. moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet online Additionally, if you see something powerful coming off cooldown while trick ready to be used, hold off on trick for a few seconds to be able to use it within the trick window. moncler outlet online

moncler outlet Ninki gauge consumer priority is as follows: Ten Chi Jin(Ten >Chi >Jin) > Bhavacakra > Hellfrog Medium. If you are AoE the priority is changed to: Ten Chi Jin(Jin >Ten >Chi) > Hellfrog Medium moncler outlet.