Lenin and Ho Chi Minh

canada goose outlet los angeles Then recently, I was invited to speak: to recall my Vietnam “war stories” to passengers on a ship as it made its way from Hong Kong to Haiphong and on down the Vietnamese coast to the river port of Saigon. canada goose outlet los angeles

canada goose outlet website legit Onboard I found a highly engaging group of some 200 passengers and crew as well as other “presenters:” specialists in Asian art, antiquities and history. Call it a floating University; the experience was worthy of at least three credit hours canada goose factory sale at any institution of higher learning. canada goose outlet website legit

canada goose outlet toronto address While I have visited Vietnam more than 20 times since I first lived here as a reporter in 1970, this was my first group tour and first arrival by ship. canada goose outlet toronto address

canada goose outlet ottawa I have had three previous experiences at sea off Southeast Asian coastlines. aircraft carrier off Vietnam’s coast. On April 12 1975, I was airlifted from Phnom Penh by Marine helicopter to the USS Okinawa in the Gulf of Thailand. In 1980, I boarded a freighter off uk canada goose the coast of Malaysia chartered by the charity World Vision’s “Operation Sea Sweep” to rescue boat people fleeing Vietnam. None of those experiences could be described as cruising. canada goose outlet ottawa

canada goose outlet eu Tourism has exploded in Vietnam as the economy has developed over the past 30 years. I reported on the first buy canada goose jacket cheap American tourists visiting the country in 1987 at Canada Goose sale a time when most visitors here were from Canada Goose Outlet the Soviet buy canada goose jacket Union. canada goose outlet eu

canada goose outlet uk sale Today the Canada Goose Jackets tourism industry represents nearly 7 percent of Vietnam’s Gross Domestic Product, generates 34 billion dollars in earnings, and employs two million people. canada goose outlet uk sale

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official canada goose outlet The state controlled “Vietnam National Administration of Tourism,” cheap canada goose uk licenses all tour operators uk canada goose outlet and trains guides at canada goose coats state schools. official canada goose outlet

canada goose outlet buffalo Through canada goose store the tour guides, you get a glimpse of changing attitudes. For one thing, their view of history has changed. canada goose outlet buffalo

canada goose outlet michigan The “American War Crimes Museum” in Saigon which I visited in the 1980′s is now the more neutral “War Remnants” museum. canada goose outlet michigan

canada goose outlet 2015 Guides no longer refer to the defeated South Vietnam government as the “American puppet regime.” canada goose outlet 2015

canada goose outlet official In April 2000, a “minder” from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs chastised me for referring to the 30 year conflict as a “civil war.” canada goose outlet official

canada goose outlet canada Two guides I met last month did not feel compelled to following the party ‘war of liberation” line. Civil War was fine by them, so long as the tourists were happy. canada goose outlet canada

canada goose parka uk More remarkably the guides described the immediate postwar period from 1975 to 1986 as a “disaster.” They cited “poor leadership” in Hanoi for holding the nation back for more than ten years. Condemnation of one hard line Hanoi leader is widespread. For most people, the nation’s postwar recovery dates from 1986 and the death of Le Duan. canada goose parka uk

canada goose outlet in usa Le Duan’s passing permitted the beginnings of “Doi Moi” (economic renovation). canada goose coats on sale Later in 1999 the implementation of a private enterprise law unleashed market forces further. canada goose outlet in usa

canada goose outlet kokemuksia The late 1970′s and 80′s were truly dismal years. I arrived back in Vietnam four years after I covered the 1975 “thng nht” or “Reunification.” canada goose outlet kokemuksia

canada goose jacket outlet sale I found a broken nation then, poorer than it had been during the war years. A communist led collectivization drive, meeting with strong resistance in the south, had stalled. Rice production had dropped below subsistence levels. canada goose jacket outlet sale

canada goose jacket uk I visited so called rural “new economic zones”; little more than work camps, where unemployed city people tried to grow pineapples and then drifted back to Saigon to beg on the streets. canada goose jacket uk

canada goose outlet toronto factory As I travelled northward to canada goose clearance sale Quang Tri Province, thousands of canada goose black friday sale young men were eking out a living digging up American artillery shells and other war ordinance to sell for scrap metal: a highly dangerous way of earning money. canada goose outlet toronto factory

canada goose coats uk In Saigon all the familiar Canada Goose Online hotels and canada goose restaurants I frequented in the early 1970′s canadian goose jacket had either been boarded up or communized; assigned numbers instead of names. canada goose coats uk

canada goose outlet black friday sale The old Htel Continental opened on the Rue Catinat by the French in 1880 had been renamed “Khach San 132″ which was its address on the renamed “general uprising” Dong Khoi Street. canada goose outlet black friday sale

canada goose parka outlet The Saigon of 2017 is virtually unrecognizable from that of the 1970′s. It has been modernized in so many ways even since my last visit two years ago. A skyscraper city has arisen leaving behind few traces of the French Colonial or American past. Vietnam’s growth from 2000 onward galloped along at 6.5 percent or more and Saigon led the way. canada goose parka outlet

canada goose outlet online reviews Other parts of the country too are galloping along at a frenetic pace. canada goose outlet online reviews

canada goose outlet orlando On October 25th I visited in the coastal city of Da Nang. canada goose outlet orlando

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canada goose outlet real Among the leaders to be welcomed to is Donald J. Trump. The Vietnamese seem puzzled over this President. There was widespread excitement about Obama. When I was here with Clinton in Canada Goose Parka November 2000, he drew tremendous crowds. Public opinion surveys say Trump polls well in Vietnam. On the other hand people Canada Goose Coats On Sale I spoke to on the streets of Da Nang and Saigon laughed at Trump’s name. They said the President is widely known here as “in Trump”; in can be translated as demented or crazy. canada goose outlet real

canada goose outlet winnipeg Vietnamese canada goose uk outlet President Trn i Quang will host Trump along with China’s Xi Jinping, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and other world leaders at an extraordinary resort. North of Da Nang, high on a Canada Goose online bluff known as “Monkey Mountain” rests a resort built about five years ago. I visited the property two years ago. canada goose outlet winnipeg

canada goose outlet niagara falls The Intercontinental Hotel property is over the top luxury in many ways: from its sprawling health center, to its plush individual bungalows, to its unique restaurant seating perched above Da Nang’s Son Tra Peninsula. canada goose outlet niagara falls

canada goose outlet in canada The Vietnamese see Da Nang their third largest city as a model of development. canada goose uk shop The visitor is left with the impression that the city is soon to be the Miami Beach of Vietnam. Skyscrapers line what Americans used to call “China Beach.” Resorts are spring up everywhere canada goose outlet in canada.