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I moncler sale outlet don know, watching that video what human would have been able to avoid striking that person? The first frame where I see anything visually it her shoes, and that cheap moncler coats exactly 2 lane stripes from the front of the car.

moncler outlet The real question is how many miles has this system driven on public roads divided by how much damage to persons or property realized, and how does that stack up against an average human driver? moncler outlet

Or put another way, how are they insuring these cars? When a human hits somebody (and on average we can expect at least half a dozen have bitten it to human driving during my writing of this comment), insurance will up their premium to cover the risks they calculated and block coverage if the specific driver is too much of a risk. So how do insurance companies rank these AIs relative to the risk posed by cheap moncler outlet human drivers?

moncler outlet uk I get upset because I see “human killed by AI driver” as on par with “driver wearing seatbelt still died in car crash”, and this reaction as on par with “we removing all seatbelts for the foreseeable future because it turns out that they don cure cancer”. moncler outlet uk

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moncler outlet store Well that an important distinction: I not saying that “as good as the average moncler outlet store driver” is any defense for either man or cheap moncler AI or company fielding AI in any specific accident investigation, I am talking about the broader sense of being timid about deploying AI once it is (at least within containable contexts such as “not snow and ice”, pre vetted roads, or whatever) already better than the average driver. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler coats The public has an instinct of “the strange new thing must be perfectly flawless before integrating with us”, and I argue that in the case of automated vehicles this instinct is literally costing thousands of lives. cheap moncler coats

cheap moncler outlet And not just because “every mile driven by AI can have X% fewer fatalities (and injuries, and property damage, etc) than a mile driven by a human (presuming they prove better than average human to begin with), but additionally because every mile driven by AI helps to perfect the AI capabilities farther still. cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet jackets Back to who saved Dewey, the gems helped write the play, so while the words the original Dewey used were exaggerated (him becoming 50ft tall), the gems themselves we actually there and moncler outlet online know what happened. moncler outlet jackets

While we don know who it was, we have a few clues. We can suspect that when only one gem fuse with rose they have two arms, rainbow quarts. But we don know. We also hear ranaldo say that sugalite is a different gem than who saved Dewey.

moncler factory outlet That leaves sardonix and opal. And hair styles may have changed over the years so I moncler outlet can say one or the other. But Steven even calls her attack the quadruple noogy. moncler factory outlet

cheap moncler jackets sale I don even know what to do buy moncler jackets with time, myself. It on the minkowski metric, and moncler outlet sale the only distinguishing factor between causality and anticausality appears to be proximity to the low entropy minima of the Big Bang. “Big Bang as white hole” indeed. It is quite safely fixed in our past lightcone, that for sure. cheap moncler jackets sale

moncler jacket sale I don see any cycles in time that aren just configurations returning to similar states to what they have visited in the past multiple times at a moncler sale relatively fixed frequency, though. And when that happens time appears to be the primary dimension that distinguishes iterations instead of being the medium looped around. moncler jacket sale

moncler sale So it seems to me like, if circles and tori are the gears of a spirograph, then time only acts as the paper. 4 points submitted 8 days ago moncler sale

moncler outlet online Can someone explain what the deal with the phrase TERF refers to? I know what it stands for, but is it positive? Negative? I would think being trans exclusionary is a bad thing, but is there a positive reason that feminists would intentionally exclude trans people? moncler outlet online

moncler outlet sale I guess I just a bit confused about why some people would act as if it an insult, and other people intentionally identify with it. Her lumping together TERFs and incels didn help at all. moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler jackets Well “all moral charge is relative” concerns aside, I not aware of anyone voluntarily adopting the label TERF. I to understand that they prefer Gender Critical. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler But IIUC, the primary target of the alleged dogma isn actually transpeople at all. The rationale is simply that they are feminists, but that they reject the concept of gender being dissimilar from the biological sex a person is categorized as at birth. They strongly cleave to The Gender Binary, citing that structure as a necessary component of their activism by way of “how can you fight for the rights of one gender if said gender is subject to re interpretation?” cheap moncler

So the blasphemy that TERFs (by grace of the name) practice by excluding transwomen from TERF controlled female spaces is nothing but a side effect of their far less controvertial 2018 moncler black friday exclusion of men, and all the animosity on my radar that rankles TERF critical feminists is nothing but animosity intended for men splashing onto what others view as unacceptably lofty targets in the progressive stack.

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Before we get into it, I want to make it absolutely crystal clear: I condemn as strongly as possible the words and actions of these women. To dead name or mis gender any person who is trans is the cruelest and pettiest thing one could do.

moncler sale outlet I mean, it not the cruelest, by a long shot, but it is shitty. I can cheap moncler jackets agree that its shitty. 100%, no reservations, its shitty. moncler sale outlet

moncler jackets outlet Cruelest, though? That watering down a lot of, objectively, worse behavior like that scene in Casino Royale where they hit James Bond in the testicles, repeatedly. That pretty cruel. Killing someone pets, slowly and painful, out of spite or malice, is extremely cruel. Calling someone not a man or a woman, because they trans. I moncler mens jackets just don see that being on the same level. moncler jackets outlet

I absolutely agree that it a different form of feminism. but its still feminism, and you don monlcer down jackets get to exclude them from your group in this way simply because you don agree with them. They still identify as feminists, and since we have no centralized leadership for feminism, you further don get to say that they not feminists.

Secondly, I don’t think that terms like TERF, Incel, etc. have any place in our lexicon.

We literally need those terms, though. We need them for identification. We need to know who we talking about.