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moncler sale outlet Last weekend a young girl took her life here in Terrace. Most people don’t want to talk about it. I guess if we stick our heads in the sand the problem will just go away. NOT. moncler sale outlet

moncler mens jackets Last weekend a stoned kid drove his truck into another cheap moncler jackets truck and sent another young man to the hospital. The police visited the dealer who sold him the drugs. Arrest him? NOT. moncler mens jackets

moncler sale Coke, smack, crack. Kinda sounds like snap, crackle, pop, doesn’t it? And that’s just what happens to our kid’s brains, they turn to rice crispies! moncler sale

Where does this all begin? Home and school: a pure and simple fact. Oh everyone wants to get defensive but this is the truth. Our infant children want to be just like us. So they watch us and cheap moncler jackets sale imitate what they see. Don’t like your kids? Look in the mirror.

Remember when you decided that you had to sell your car cause the transmission was going? How about the inferior quality part you used cause “I’m sellin’ it anyways!” Bad mouthed your friend or neighbour? Your kids were watchin’. How about when you yourself got shitfaced?

moncler outlet Mom has a bad PMS day, screams like a banshee, cops come and take the old man away, family falls apart, she gets supported, “ah, he was a moncler outlet bastard anyways.” Kids are watchin’. moncler outlet

cheap moncler coats Just how do you think the kids are going to turn out? Don’t like what you read? Then run me outta town. But wait there more. like your TV ads If you buy this today I’ll give you two for the price of one. cheap moncler coats

moncler outlet online Not everyone in town knows who the dealers are but if you don’t then you have blinders on or hide in your nice comfy home, probably hide with the Catholic crowd. The Cops don’t just know who the dealers are they know virtually every user. The lawyers know them even better. A lawyer’s job isn’t to do what cheap moncler is right or argue for what is right; it is simply moncler jackets outlet to win the argument, another pure and simple fact. Cops would much moncler outlet jackets rather pull you over for speeding than attend to a domestic dispute, bust some innocent kid for pot or do a really good thing like take down a crack house only to see the crack head out the next day giving him the finger cause of some smart mouthed lawyer. moncler outlet online

And then there are the white collar moneygrubbers, those that use their social status and political power to grind others, that have good social intentions, into the dirt. Yes I am talking about the Terrace Tourism Society. Nothing but a bunch of liars caused this fiasco. However they are not alone, this goes on and on is why I repeat it then who am I? As I told our Mayor a couple weeks back, I am new here, you can shoot the messenger if you like, but I know no one here, no ties, no social position to maintain, just reporting what I see. What do I see? Financial devastation and a bunch of business people fighting over the scraps. As I told Jack, it reminds me of a bunch of cannibals.

Our City refuses to provide extra funding for socially progressive programs while promoting programs for business. Yes, yes, we need businesses, but who wants to set up in a town that is a virtual ghetto. I see no plan for this City, just a virtual fire department, putting the problems out as they appear.

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CN will be moving many more and much longer trains through Terrace from the Port in Prince Rupert. There has been no commitment to Terrace for anything. Nope nothing. No over passes, nada. This port and rail traffic will revolutionize North America. Those business tycoons in Chicago and Memphis are so excited and ecstatic you’d think they were over dosing on Viagra. This is no understatement. If we even suggested we were going to put the brakes on this port traffic ie. Protest with and alongside the natives for a better deal, I wouldn’t put it past the USA to declare war. Yes it is that big a deal. Billions of dollars, gazillions maybe.

moncler outlet sale Yet we remain a ghetto with no new overpasses, nothing to moncler jacket sale help us out of our misery. Jack is even asking to share in Kitimats tax base. moncler outlet sale

What we need to be doing is to start working together. This means when your best bud tells you he is going to sell his car cause it’s a lemon you punch him in the mouth. Unless of course he will tell the potential purchaser knows, maybe his neighbours son or daughter that it moncler factory outlet is a lemon. This means not laughing with the woman who got her man thrown in jail, not encouraging corruption but being brave strong and committed to the right thing.

I know I am an idealist. I will be until the day I die. moncler outlet store Until then,… I will rant and rave about those that do us all wrong, those that corrupt our children, our future.

We have a beautiful young girl who has lost her life, a tragedy for many families. A boy is facing criminal charges, another in the hospital. And the crack heads and dealers survive to perpetuate their harm. Those back in New Brunswick had the right idea, it’s just that so many more need to be spanked. My take? We are all still Moncler Outlet in grade school, intimidated and afraid to stand up because some bully might verbally attack us, ridicule us and get their complicit council to join in to make us really feel outnumbered. Well you, we, are outnumbered. So what? Time to do what’s right, life is too short to not do it.

Do I have to move outta town now?

Dear Mr. Merv Ritchie

cheap moncler sale Comment by a concerned citizen on 29th May 2007 cheap moncler sale

buy moncler jackets Your article: Drug Dealers, Cops, and Lawyers great article! From what I hear, read, and see, our town is full of corruption yes, in moncler outlet sale schools and elsewhere, too. Too many people having their priorities other than where they should be, I believe. I quote: can shoot the messenger if you like May your higher power be with you, so this doesn happen. Also welcome moncler sale outlet to Terrace, and because we need more good people like yourself in this town, please don outta town now Have a great day. buy moncler jackets

I Disagree

Comment by Yvonne on 27th May 2007

cheap moncler I agree with everything Merv has to say in his article and more but I disagree with the last comment that there is nothing for young people to do. The problem as I see it is cheap moncler outlet that young people want to be entertained 24/7 and instant gratificatication is the norm. I myself feel that the rcmp dont do enough to get the drug dealers in this community shut down. Also I feel the young peope in this community dont have places to hang out that are fun. Except for Gus pool hall and even there they have drug dealers selling all sorts of drugs to young people. Thats why I think so many kids in this town are into drugs and drinking cause they have nothing to do cheap moncler.