Human and employee rights in conflict

The country recently witnessed the health worker strikes by members of the worker labour unions in Gauteng and the impact cheap real jordans mens it had on access to cheap jordans shoes for sale online health services.

The health workers anger cheap air jordan shoes had been brewing due to poor management response jordan retro 4 cheap to their cries. It is alleged that health workers had not received their bonuses and overtime remuneration for two years and it is claimed that managers were silent about the issue at hand.

Cheap jordans On May 1 2018 a warning was sent out in a local newspaper about an upcoming cheap jordans 9.5 strike but the Gauteng health department reassured the public that all services would cheap authentic jordan shoes websites be operating as usual. Cheap jordans

cheap Air max shoes Management failed to communicate with the workers about the unpaid bonuses, the department financial challenges, how and when the workers will receive their bonuses and overtime pay. cheap Air max shoes

cheap nike shoes In this case, the workers disappointment was justifiable but not the manner of displaying their disappointment and anger. cheap nike shoes

Undoubtedly the workers were determined to achieve their goal at any cost including prevention of access to healthcare.

cheap jordans for sale On May 31 roads leading to a Johannesburg cheap jordans 2016 hospital were closed, surgical procedures cancelled and the entrance to the facility was blocked with ambulances, which ironically, are supposed to bring the injured and sick into the hospital. cheap jordans for sale

Patients were chased cheap jordans basketball shoes out of the hospital and the hospital floors trashed. We have decided that the workers should not continue to serve the interests of the employer without getting what cheap jordans la due to us. patients were denied food and prevented from accessing medicines from the hospital pharmacy.

cheap air jordan According to the Constitution, workers have a right to strike and this comes with a corresponding responsibility to refrain from violating other people rights , especially the vulnerable members of the society. cheap air jordan

cheap jordans free shipping State health workers serve the public on behalf of the government and they have to account for their actions to their employer and other relevant institutions. cheap jordans retro 13 cheap jordans free shipping

Health is a basic human right

Health should be approached as a human right, provided with dignity to vulnerable patients. It is not a luxury for those with deep pockets but a right to be enjoyed by all citizens.

cheap jordans china The protests interfered with the rights of the patients to access health care thus compromising their health. cheap jordans china

The impact is not just limited to access to care but the quality of care provided in the circumstances, early discharge, and in the worse scenario, it may have led to deterioration of health and even premature death.

cheap yeezys Premature discharge of patients from hospitals brings anxiety to the patients and their families. Patients have to worry about their health, which might deteriorate at home. cheap yeezys

On the other hand, family members worry about their loved ones wellbeing and their own limitations when it comes to looking after their sick family members.

cheap jordans sale Undoubtedly, cheap authentic air jordans for sale besides the cheap jordans 2018 stated psychological impact, there is a related economic impact where services have to be sought from private health service provider and additional travel costs cheap jordans in china , to name a few. cheap jordans sale

cheap jordans online This contributes to substantial impoverishment of the patient cheap jordans under 30 and their families. cheap jordans online

cheap jordans on sale These actions bag the questions: Who should be held responsible for the violation of the rights to access health, dignity, freedom of movement and safety of patients and other health workers? cheap jordans real jordan shoes cheap on sale

cheap jordans from china We have seen in the soccer fraternity where clubs get fined for the misbehaviour of their supporters. cheap jordans from china

cheap jordans shoes Should the same principle not apply to the trade unions for the actions of their members, which include violating human rights cheap jordans 13 and causing harm to other people air jordans cheap price and property? cheap jordans shoes

cheap jordan sneakers Critically, it is the government responsibility to protect the violation of other people rights and to act against violations. cheap jordan sneakers

Whose moral and legal duty is to protect the rights of vulnerable patients?

cheap air force Health workers provide an essential service that should be preserved. Both health professionals cheap air jordans 3 and non professional health workers have a legal and moral duty to provide care and protect patients and their colleagues rights. cheap air force

cheap jordans in china The government also has a duty cheap jordans buy online to protect rights of individuals from cheap jordans china being violated by others. cheap jordans in china

cheap adidas Furthermore the government has cheap jordan shoes for men the obligation to govern ethically and not exploit employees. cheap adidas

The public sector provides services to the majority of the South African population and most of these patients are not members of medical schemes.