The Story So Far

He was in a Kentucky motel when he saw a home shopping channel on the television. It was something unheard of in Britain or Ireland, and in 1989 he started his own Home Shopping Television Network in London.But the business failed to achieve the necessary sales and, cheap jordans size 6y after 18 months, the cameras stopped rolling. The venture lost 500,000 of investors’ money.Denis O’Brien told an audience in 2008: “When my first business failed the shopping channel I actually went to see my investors and looked them in the eye and said look I’m sorry I made a complete bollocks of it. You normally hide. But I went out , I met everybody and I just kept going.”Despite the cheap jordans india collapse of his first business, he decided to try for a radio licence in Ireland, as the then Government was deregulating the market. Denis O’Brien won a competition and launched 98FM in 1989.Conor Lenihan, who later became a Minister for State for Science, was one of his early recruits.He said: “What impressed me most, I think cheap jordans on sale , was cheap nike jordan shoes that they were very professional and very candid and they said we’re not and have never been in the radio business, so we’re going to hire in the best experts we can.”By 1993, Denis O’Brien’s station cheap authentic jordans 98FM was in profit.The rise of air jordans for sale cheap real DigicelHis next step was to branch out into telecoms and nice cheap jordans set up Esat Telecom, which offered landline services cheap jordans 40 dollars to businesses in competition to State owned Telecom ireann. But Esat struggled and faced financial collapse.At the same time in the mid 90s the Government had decided to open the mobile phone market to competition as Ireland trailed behind other European countries in their use.Denis O’Brien set up a consortium, which included Norwegian State telecoms company Telenor, and successfully cheap jordans nz applied for the licence.The awarding of the licence was highly controversial. The politician who oversaw it was Michael Lowry TD, at the time Minister for Communications.Winning the licence saved Denis O’Brien’s Esat business from failure and ultimately saw led to the company becoming very valuable.Following a takeover battle Esat Telecom Group was bought by British Telecom in 2000. Denis O’Brien’s shares were acquired for IR289m, although he also cheap jordan websites with free shipping invested money in the company.Some time before the sale of the company, in an entirely legal move, he had moved his tax residency to Portugal. It meant he did cheap jordan true flight not pay Capital Gains Tax in Ireland on the sale of his very cheap jordans online shares.In an interview in 2012 he said: “I’m actually not a tax exile.” He said he paid all his local taxes in Ireland and was a significant taxpayer in the Republic of Ireland.Senator Michael McDowell says: “I think it’s undesirable air jordan 1 cheap that there should be people wielding substantial influence who do not live under the same tax rules as the rest of us.”Denis O’Brien’s wealth is now mainly based on his telecoms company Digicel. It began in 2001 when he won a mobile phone cheap high quality jordans licence for Jamaica after selling Esat.The country’s telecoms market had been dominated by the incumbent Cable Wireless but, two years after winning the licence, Digicel had where to buy real jordans online for cheap two thirds of the mobile market. Denis O’Brien began to replicate the model which had worked in Jamaica elsewhere in the Caribbean and then in the South Pacific.Back in Ireland he tried to buy phone company Eircom now called Eir but was out manoeuvred by Tony O’Reilly, who cheap real jordans mens had the backing of trade unions which controlled 35% of the shares.In 2003 the businessman’s philanthropic work came to national prominence. He was chairman of the Special Olympics World Games held in Ireland the first time the event had left the US.Participants stayed in towns around the country before converging on Dublin cheap air force 1 for the opening ceremony in Croke Park.Denis O’Brien spoke at it, telling the teams the Irish people were honoured to stand side by side with them.His philanthropic work extends beyond Ireland.One of Digicel’s biggest markets authentic jordan shoes for sale cheap is Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It was hit by a massive earthquake in 2010 which killed an buy cheap jordans online free shipping estimated 158,000 people.Among buildings destroyed was the iconic Iron Market, a place where Haitians sell their goods. Denis O’Brien made a personal donation of $12m to have the market rebuilt.He worked closely with former US president Bill Clinton, who was UN special envoy to Haiti. Denis super cheap jordan shoes O’Brien and Digicel have also been major donors to the charitable Clinton Foundation.

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