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Linda Bush, the mother of Ian Bush who died in RCMP custody in 2005, will join New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen Valley Monday to call for stronger civilian oversight of the RCMP.

moncler sale Cullen will moncler outlet jackets introduce his Private Members’ Bill, the RCMP Civilian Oversight Act, in the House of Commons to create a Civilian Investigation Service that would be empowered to conduct investigations following death or serious bodily harm occurring in RCMP custody. moncler sale

moncler outlet “A system where police investigate police is no longer good enough. It raises doubts among the moncler outlet uk public, and robs RCMP officers of one of cheap moncler their most important assets: public trust,” said Cullen. “We ask these brave men and women to do moncler jackets outlet a dangerous and difficult job. moncler outlet online We must support them with a system that puts any investigation beyond doubt.”Comment by JB on 3rd November 2009 moncler outlet

Sorry, you are right. we got a little sidetracked, sorry.

moncler outlet store I did make some posts about Mr. Giesbrecht on 2nd November 2009 moncler outlet store

What has Nathan Bill got to do with picking up the homeless or olympic torch relay protests? I thought it moncler jacket sale was about the RCMP investigating themselves.

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moncler outlet sale Comment by JB on 1st November 2009 moncler outlet sale

The people who threw marbles in front of the Horse Mounted Police had one motive Cheap Moncler in mind, and that was to injure and maim. Now this may have been the actions of a very few, but I hold all marching in that protest responsible. It shows a total lack of control on the part of the organizers of the moncler sale outlet protest to control their idiot participants.

buy moncler jackets Lets go one step further. Lets talk cheap moncler outlet about the young person suffering from Cerbreal Palsy, who had been training for weeks to get out of his wheelchair, and carry the torch on foot. Do these retarded idiots have any idea what they did to this young man, and do they really care?????? I think not. I can only be thankful that I was not there, because had I been, I would be writing this from a Remand Centre. buy moncler jackets

moncler mens jackets You wrote, what happens if the Centres are full. That possiblilty exists, but with more and more churches opening their doors in the lower mainland, this possiblilty will decrease more and more. With public scrutiny, it will become more and more moncler factory outlet difficult for the police to incarcerate people without just cause. People will still have the choice to refuse entring a shelter, but please have the police and shelter officials document this. I again say, that if someone refuses shelter, and later sucumbes to heperthermia, we all know that the police will be held accountable. The first who will jump all over the police like flea on a dog with be the Civil Libertarians, and the BC Civil Liberties Union. I do not mean this as demeaning or insulting, but am posting what I sincerely believe to be the truth. moncler mens jackets

Comment by Stacey Tyers on 31st October 2009

there are people moncler sale who fight for the sake of the fight, IE the throwing marbles in front of horses moncler outlet sale at the olympic relay. That was just plain stupid. I could never support action like that. I just can imagine why someone would want to possibly injure a person or horse to make a point.

You have to read further into the act. the person has a choice. to a degree. And yes people would be blaming the police, but what happens if the beds are full where will they take them.

moncler sale outlet The problem is the act specifies options but doesn actually prevent behaviour which would include taking them to holding cells. moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler coats That where the largest concern comes in. cheap moncler coats

monlcer down jackets But yes, I moncler outlet concur there are idiots who protest and idiots who do nothing. both sides of the fence have their share. monlcer down jackets

Thank you Stacey

cheap moncler jackets Comment by JB on 31st October 2009 cheap moncler jackets

I always appreciate your comments because I think that you think outside the envelope.

cheap moncler I have never found the Terrace Anti Poverty Society as being but rather as being vocal in their opposition to certain acts or ommissions of Gov There are groups in the lower mainland whose sole purpose in life is to attempt to disrupt any action of Gov I question the validity of these groups, and often wonder if in fact they are gainfully employed or are drawing social assistance, in other words, are they professional protestors cheap moncler.