The Mind Forgets But The Heart Does Not

cheap yeezys Of all things that our minds keep buried inside, many are just a fixed memory. The mind knows how to reproduce painful experiences and make them easier to accept. The heart senses memories from past, and is capable of recognising the true source of them. As the blood flows through the heart so do memories. cheap yeezys

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cheap jordans from china He grew old, waiting for his time to come, happy as that moment approached because he knew he will meet his loved one again. He sensed her, he smell her he sees her, because while his mind was forgetting her, his heart kept her alive. And so he walked away from the living, he did not say goodbye, and while tired from his long life, he was happy finally felt complete. He left this life never looked back, he left in search of his soul mate. He cheap jordans europe had found her once, he will find her again. For love is not a controlled experience, but an act of faith cheap jordans from china.