What tactics will Tony Bellew and David Haye adopt for the rematch

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Now Bellew knows he can stand up to Haye’s clean punches, and he knows he can outbox Replica Bags and out speed him. If it comes replica Purse to a shootout, Bellew can be tougher than him. He’s more KnockOff Handbags confident, Fake Designer Bags but that can be a good and bad thing. He might go out to fight differently, get tired, and David can hit. That’s one thing I’ll give him. He can hit and always stand a good chance of knocking somebody out.

best replica bags online I expect Haye to come out with a bit more tactical presence this time. The first fight, he just loaded up looking for one big shot and then he got injured, there was no game plan. Bellew had a plan. best replica bags online

high end replica bags I expect a prepared Bellew but a Haye who thinks more and won’t just show up throwing missiles. I don’t expect a fight with exchanges, but one with little moments, they will set traps. It will be cagey early on, Bellew circling, giving a few feints, Haye will be stalking and trying to get his distance. Before Haye starts loading up, he will work his jab Handbags Replica more this time. high end replica bags

Haye, at some point, will feel he has his distance and bring his right hand and combinations into Designer Fake Bags play. Bellew will keep moving, he’ll be wary yet sharp. He’s got the momentum coming in. It’s hard to beat that Designer Replica Bags continuity and activity.

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bag replica high quality Haye is going to be trying to use the jab a lot in this one, with a lot of feinting, trying to trigger Bellew to try and land the first punch, then he can counter him. I don’t think he can stand back with Replica Designer Handbags Bellew, who is a class boxer and can whack himself. If Haye is going to Replica Handbags win this fight, he’s got to take the bull by the horns early on and take the fight straight to Bellew. One thing that David Haye’s got is power, explosive power. bag replica high quality

Bellew has just got to wait for Haye to Wholesale Replica Bags come on, he’s a smart boxer who can box on the back foot. He will look to catch him on the counter, let Haye make a fundamental mistake, and make him pay.

replica bags Changing plans? David Haye looked calmer than last time and has promised Tony Bellew to expect something different. replica bags

replica bags from china David looks like he’s trimmed up and is aaa replica designer handbags going for speed and a fast start. I think his best chance is to try and surprise Tony early on, while he is fresh and explosive. I Replica Bags Wholesale am sure Bellew is aware that is a possibility and they have a Replica Handbags gameplan to cope with that. replica bags from china

high quality replica bags Roll back the years to when he was 31 or 32 and purse replica handbags David can expose Bellew early on, but can he do that at the age of 37? I honestly don’t think he can. Yes, the last thing a fighter loses is his punch, so he is always going to be dangerous, but again, the first half of this is his best and maybe only chance. One thing he can’t Fake Handbags do, though, is leave him in vulnerable positions. high quality replica bags

Will Tony Bellew catch David Haye on the counter. again?

high quality designer replica If he wants to show everyone he is still good enough to fight for a world heavyweight title again, Haye wholesale replica designer handbags has to box smart this time. It’s one thing not getting involved in a brawl or getting emotionally involved in the build up, but he has to stay calm once the fight has started. high quality designer replica

designer replica luggage He has to box smartly, take his time and try and create the openings and then, he can explode. He can’t just go in there all guns blazing because Bellew is such a good defensive fighter. I can see Bellew happily sitting on the back foot countering him again and I am not sure he will leave any gaps open for the ‘Hayemaker’ designer replica luggage.