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1 point submitted 9 months agoI mean. On the other hand, Roy not a literal liability on the final boss where, if you got SLIGHTLY below Canada Goose online average uk canada goose rolls on defensive stats, Micaiah will actually die buy canada goose jacket cheap in one hit to the final boss cheap Canada Goose that has pretty much Canada Goose Parka infinite range on one attack and she REQUIRED for that battle. People have actually had to bring weaker targets in that battle to canada goose coats on sale sacrifice just so the boss didn end the game RIGHT THERE. That actually a friend of mine biggest complaint about uk canada goose outlet the game. If Micaiah doesn get enough Canada Goose Outlet growths, you are REQUIRED Canada Goose Coats On Sale to sacrifice a unit in the final battle.Roy may have to be a babied a little bit, but at least he has the ABILITY to stay away until he becomes a mega dragon one shotter. 1 point submitted canada goose 9 months agoThat normal mode which is Canada Goose sale so easy Haar can solo almost the entire game himself. Anyone that canada goose factory sale played on Hard got it a lot worse though. To put it into perspective, That physical AOE does 60 damage on normal mode. Micaiah has, on average, a little canada goose black friday sale over 40 hp and 20 defense cheap canada goose uk by max level. As you canada goose store pointed out, you can park her on a defense tile on normal and you SHOULD survive, provided you actually did max out Micaiah level before each promotion. The canada goose clearance problem is, on hard mode, that damage apparently goes up. So, you can reach a point where it entirely possible that, even with the 10 defense tile, Micaiah just flat out won survive the first turn hit. Even without, with her Def and HP being so low, it possible to just get RNG screwed to the point that you lost 5 defense and 5 hp somewhere.Normal mode speed runs, I also believe, are not deathless (it actually super fast to finish one chapter by sacrificing almost your entire army. So, the reason you can run 1/1/1 Micaiah is because you sacrificing other units to make them more tantalizing to the final boss so micaiah doesn get one shot. If you were going with a deathless run, there is literally no way to do it with an underleveled Micaiah without use of COPIOUS stat booster items.Either way, she definitely a liability there. She one of the major factors that actually makes that boss fight difficult. Say what you will about Roy, but his very existence didn often put you in a situation where you might HAVE to kill a unit. 3 points submitted 9 months agoThere no difference in the final chapter on both difficulties aside from the levels your units will be because of the strict EXP formula on HM. The Physical AoE attack consistently will deal 52 damage to anyone beside the boss and 3 damage less for each tile between the unit and boss, regardless of difficulty you playing on. That being said, if you keep her on the very edge of the map she always survive at 1HP even at base level with no HP/Def procs. You don need copious amounts of statboosters or worry about RNG when Micaiah will 100% survive the first AoE attack no matter what level she at.The speedrun comment was simply to point out that it quite possible to keep her alive in the chapter no matter what her level is. You might be remembering wrong about the speedrun because in the Normal Mode route you don kill anyone in the playthrough, but for Easy Mode you purposely sack 3 people only in 3 E because of the map mechanics. There no sacrificing involved going on to keep Micaiah safe or anything.The fight is difficult because of other reasons not including whether Micaiah can survive the AoE attack, especially when at any point you can just Rescue her away to safety. He definitely top 5 but what bugging me is how Azura is arbitrarily worse than Saizo but better than Jakob. It doesn make sense, but at least the top 5 is solid.I going to throw in a vote for Reina since she basically a better Hinoka in nearly every way. Reina isn locked to Kinshi and she has Falco in her reclass pool, which lets her use Rescue staves and Rally speed for little investment. I think what really important about Reina is that she joins promoted just after the earlygame EXP scramble where a bunch of low level units join at the same time.Gwimpage 5 points submitted 1 year agoOnce again, I think Ryoma should sit out another round in favour of Jakob who has access to an easy S rank Corrin support. Choosing Dragon (Wyvern rider) talent lets both Corrin and Jakob fly and use tomes, which is Canada Goose Online amazing for BR rout maps and allows Canada Goose Jackets them to contribute more easily in Defeat boss maps. Jakob doesn immediately need to go Paladin and can simply stay Butler (1 2 range combat) a bit longer then instantly go Malig Knight to allow Corrin to use the first canada goose uk outlet Heart seal instead.Gwimpage [M] 71 points submitted 1 year agoYou fought bravely courageous warrior, but unfortunately for you and your ragtag band of teenagers it far too canada goose clearance sale late canadian goose jacket to stop my master plan. You haven even realized that I already replaced buy canada goose jacket several of the non weeb moderators with robots that do my bidding without question. In addition I already taken care of the people that have found out. Resist as you may but your destiny is prewritten and won change even if you strike me down. Thanks canada goose coats to inconsistent plot convience nothing will change once I gone and you still have to endure canada goose uk shop endless “Do my canada goose uk black friday best” and “Where Ike?” memes.

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