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Working on the puzzle the first time was an honest mistake anybody might have made, and if they were really so protective of it, they should have set a sheet of monclerdownjacket paper overtop that said “for x department only. Please don touch”. If they set moncler sale it up in the hallway, they can get mad about someone else touching it. But whatever, it cool, someone asked you to stop.

The second time, still just a mistake. You misunderstood what she was saying to you. And again, that an honest mistake. If she adamantly didn want you working on it, she should have made that clear the first time. Words like “seriously, don Or if she gone on to explain why she doesn want you touching it. But moncler outlet online just asking once in what you called a friendly tone obviously didn get the point across.

If you were to now go back a third time, after you are fully aware you not welcome, then yes, then you be an asshole. But misunderstandings and mistakes moncler outlet woodbury do not make you an asshole.

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It really depends how you phrased it and if you wrote it like an attack on her, but with the information you given, you not the asshole. A bit impatient, though.

You gone there twice, and one time it didn work out for a valid reason that you said you believed. I think if you gone a third time and she cancelled again, then you have reason to suspect she may not be being honest with you. Or uk moncler sale even you could just asked best moncler jackets her to come to you next time, instead.

I think you jumped the gun a bit, and personally if I were in her position, unless I was already super into you, I probably stop pursing a relationship with someone that flips out over one cancelled date.

Also, not that I care about who cheap moncler jackets mens wears dreads, but your argument is flawed. Cultural appropriation occurs moncler outlet sale when you desecrate sacred items that hold a lot of meaning to that culture. That why some people get mad when others wear the eagle moncler outlet store headdress as a costume, when it only supposed to be worn during rituals and by a chief. It moncler outlet prices also occurs when you try to steal credit from it and nobody remembers who it originated from. People get genuinely upset when this happens.

Your example doesn uk moncler outlet meet these criteria. Scientific/medical discoveries can be appropriated because you can call dibs on natural law, like moncler sale outlet gravity, electricity. We ALL are affected by these forces, and we could come to discover them independently.

Inventions can really be either, because they aren sacred ritual objects, and everyone knows the inventor. It causes no harm. You aren genuinely upset.

You are saying “since I wasn mad when my neopet died, you definitely are overreacting and shouldn be sad your grandmother died”.

Also, moncler womens jackets white people not only invited us into their culture moncler sale online (cgraduation rituals/clothes, food, religions, holidays) they said our cultures were inferior and forced us to adopt theirs instead. It too late to take it back.

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I think what OP is getting at is when white people use or wear things that aren “sacred items” (such as dreads, in the example), they are still criticised for appropriating black culture.

And yes, mistakes were made in the past by people who are long gone. I sorry you feel like we should stick to the policies they created. But personally, I don want to enslave anybody, moncler outlet and discount moncler jackets if I ever do choose to build a rats nest in my hair, I do so despite old dead people thinking it was inferior.

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Food and protection isn just “supplied”. Unless you on welfare, you aren just handed these things moncler outlet to prolong your life. You need to work for them. Just because the means of obtaining a meal is different now than it was 300 years ago, doesn mean natural selection hasn changed to accommodate. It used to be, the biggest man that could catch the deer was the one to survive the winter. Now it this weird combination of hard work, luck, smarts, and financial responsibility that dictate if you survive the winter. If you can take care of cheap moncler coats mens yourself right, you die. If you a fucking idiot, no one will procreate with you, thus weeding out the shit from future generations.

Natural selection is a good argument.

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I feel like every school sucks when it comes to politics though. Yea you got your crazy outliers that are schools telling white kids they racist. But you find that the other way, too.

But I feel like most schools, even if the teachers don go that crazy, they still try to influence your kids. As long as I can remember throughout school years, teachers would impose their political views on us. It would be totally biased, but us children didn understand that. All we understood was that our parents were moncler online store voting “wrong”, because it didn benefit the teacher (and instead likely would have benefit the parents). It so shitty. I distinctly remember one teacher who, when the coming vote was brought up, refused cheap moncler jackets womens to talk about her views on it. It sad that a teacher behaving ethically is what stands out in my memory.

But the thing is, you going to have that exact issue in religious schools. It just be the other way. So I guess cheap moncler jackets it comes down to, which side of the political spectrum would you prefer your kids be taught.

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Right. I aware there are rules. And like I said, the owner would be a fool to stand behind the managers decision. Unless the owner can bust out a training manual that explicitly states not to ask loiterers to leave, I don buy that it was actually a rule.

It makes more sense as a business to place all the blame on that manager, and claim your business had nothing to do with it. I never managed a store, but I have worked a few different retail positions. “Training” is always shadowing another employee for a couple days until you get the hang of how to handle the common issues. For issues such as this, I wouldn be surprised if “the rules” about it never even came up until this moment, for this manager. And the manager handled it in the best way they saw fit. So it wouldn matter if that wasn the “rule” if that manager didn know.

So what I saying is it very possible that either the owner is lying, there is no rule currently established so it left up to the managers judgement, or the manager wasn trained to even know about the rule and couldn have known.

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You not an asshole. The photographer should not have given you the clothes until the client said they no longer wanted them. So these should never have been in your possession until they were officially yours. You may want to be concerned about a couple things though, aside from the morality of it.

you should check into the legality of this. Obviously you can get the pants back at this point, but if you find what you did was illegal, you be better off just offering them the money you made to avoid cheap moncler sale more expensive legal fees.