Basically, if you hear a recording of someone saying “Ba ba ba” but it is paired with a video of someone who is saying “Fa fa fa”, your brain changes what you hear to match what you see. The cool thing about this one is that no matter how much you know about this effect, it still works.This video shows some other cool auditory illusions as well.celestecg [score hidden] submitted 1 year agoHi there! I Celeste and I 19, I love to be friends with you! video games (uncharted series, hitman, life is strange, undertale) swimming and yoga studying neuroscience and psychology in college right now (I a junior) animals! I have two dogs and two cats at home (: feminism (the actual kind of feminism where men and women are equal, not the SJW type/people on tumblr) jokes and comedy, esp. Fucked up, stupid and anti jokes collecting vinyl, and music in general.

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